What is ARX?

Welcome to the future!


Modern DeFi is offering various opportunities for crypto enthusiasts in the financial spectre such as lending, trading, bets and many others. Majority of DeFi applications are built within the respect of cryptocurrencies initial values - trustless and independent money and finance.

But to move value from crypto to fiat (traditional financial institutions) to buy groceries, pay rent and etc. people have to use a centralised entity that requires them to complete a full verification of their identity, which is usually not a convenient process and takes some time.

Moreover, in many cases people have to deposit their crypto funds somewhere before starting moving it to fiat (like centralised P2P platforms), which is also not convenient because requires a user to move their focus from their self-custodial wallet to some other platform.

We believe that modern DeFi friendly way of converting value between crypto and fiat should follow the origins of crypto idea itself, and offer the same conditions as other DeFi solutions. With having a centralised fiat entity that performs fiat-crypto, crypto-fiat transactions it is not possible and such an entity is a subject of strict regulations. The idea of P2P (person-to-person) operations is a solution for this problem.

ARX is aimed to provide trust-less, DeFi friendly, convenient, embeddable, automatic and scalable solution for converting value between crypto and fiat in a P2P manner.

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