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Combine it all!

Don't trust - be safe

We have built a hybrid escrow system that doesn't require counterparties to trust each other. Traditional P2P platforms require users to trust to a moderator and in case of a payment dispute, the moderator decides who is right and who is wrong based on limited evidence provided by counterparties. Moderators cannot be trusted to verify that all evidence is valid, thus they cannot be trusted.

To build an environment where you don't have to trust anyone, we have built a hybrid system to make it as flexible as possible for all users.

Convenient and fast

We want to move towards a fully automated process and reach the same level of UX that centralized entities can provide in P2P manner.

Accessible and embeddable

We want to provide decentralized on/off ramping experience everywhere in DeFi, one of our key goals is to make ARX easy to integrate for DeFi protocols to allow their users to perform fiat ramping right from their dApps and self-custodial wallets.

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