🤖Instant liquidity

Let's bring AMM philosophy to the world of ramping!

Automation is the key to adoption

We believe that making it easier to provide and serve liquidity is the key for mass liquidity adoption from all around the world. AMM (Automated Market Makers) has proven it. Our goal is to bring the best experience for market makers, so they can automate their business in few simple steps.

Extensible bot framework

We are building an ultimate framework, that market makers can easily configure and deploy for their payment systems to automated payment receiving and sending fiat. All the sensitive data (like API keys to conduct transfers) will remain secret and only on user side, neither ARX team nor witnesses will have access to it.

The framework will be open-source, so developers community can easily extend it with additional payment methods modules.

Bots for everyone

We don't want to host bots for market makers since it is a significant security risk. Instead, we want to make it easy and accessible for everyone, even for people without technical knowledge.

To achieve this we are developing a one-click solution for bot deployment and configuration. Market maker just needs to provide an API key for Digital Ocean or AWS and configuration parameters for the bot itself (like payment system API key, wallet data and etc), and our application will automatically purchase a server and setup a bot there. Everything will happen right from market maker's browser, without any intermediate servers to keep sensitive data safe and inaccessible for us or any other third party.

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