🚩Wise configuration for market makers

How to configure your Wise account for being a market maker with auto settlement on ARX?

If you want to be a market maker with Wise integration - follow the tutorial below 👇

  1. Open your Wise account in a browser and navigate to the “Settings” section.

  2. Scroll down to the “API tokens” section and click on it to expand.

    And click on “Add new token”

  3. Now you need to create a read-only API key so ARX witness nodes will be able to scan your transactions to prove that you’ve sent fiat funds to a taker (in case the taker is off-ramping). Sensitive transaction data is not being exposed.

    You can put any name you want, and don’t forget to check “Read only”!

  4. Scroll down to the “API tokens” section again, expand it and click on “Reveal” near your newly created API key

    Copy your revealed API key and save it on your ARX wallet page!

  5. At the same “API tokens” section, click on “Manage public keys”

    Wait, why do I need to do this?

    For ARX witness nodes to be able to scan your transactions history we need to authenticate API requests with a digital signature to be able to fetch bank statements from Wise which is not possible with just an API key due to new European regulations

  6. Put any name and upload ARX public key

    Click on “Add key” now! Congratulations, now you can process proceed with your offers on ARX as a market maker!

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